Doodle 26.10.15

Hello! It’s been a while, I know. My apologies.

I have moved to Prague to teach English and for a few months I was so busy setting up here that I forgot to doodle at all! I looked at my sketchbook the other day and my heart fell at all the empty pages. But then my teaching folder fell on the floor…


… and I realised I have been doodling just as much.

All of these were drawn in haste on the metro on the way to lessons, or in the middle of lessons. There are no dragons (yet) but I have a few favourites.


This is Bird. He strongly resembles one of my parents’ budgies. (Although he doesn’t look like Tony – I will show you Tony soon.) The kids think he’s cute.


This monster was part of a game to get the kids to practice animal parts. It has the ears of a rabbit, the head of a lion, the neck of a giraffes, belly of a crocodile, legs of an octopus (the funniest word in the English language, apparently), and the feet of a duck. I wouldn’t want to meet it in the street.


I drew the four seasons. Winter survived best, as the kids like to stand on top of the pictures and pretend they are in that season. Five minutes on the metro well spent, and the old lady sitting next to me either really liked it or was telling me I was a silly disorganised person – I don’t know; nevim Czesky!


This is my favourite. I was teaching the kids animals, but there was no hedgehog card. This is my very hasty scribble of a hedgehog, which one kid decided should be called “hob hok”. Apparently that suits it better!

So, there you go – my absence explained! I hope these scribbles amuse you.


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