In Which the Walking Dead Takes a Small Unintentional Detour

See what the artist gets up to in actual life!

Drake's Adventures

I am walking around downtown Prague, dodging laggardly tourists who walk too slow and simultaneously trying to hide my face. Whenever I dare to snatch a peek at the people I pass I quickly avert my eyes and try to ignore their sniggers. “What’s she supposed to be?” – I hear a slow American drawl – “A wasted loser?” The shrill guffaw of the guy’s girlfriend rattles in my ear and is soon behind me. “Halloweeeen!” a street vendor happily cries as he sees me walking past. I try in vain to pull the woollen hood closer around my face, knowing full well that it only draws more attention. My face is white, bright white, with dark hollows around the eyes and nose and a goofy set of teeth daubed across my chin. I am dressed all in black so that, from a distance, you can just see a skull…

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