Doodle 15.07.16

Hello and I hope your Friday was amazing! As promised, today there are monsters on Drake’s Doodles. Well, maybe not monsters of the scary roary type, but creatures from strange places anyway. 

Lost Girl

You might recognise this girl from here. She was raised by trolls and wears a trollish disguise.

The Explorer

This little explorer has escaped her treehouse city and is seeing the big old world for the first time.


Unfortunately for this troll, it is stuck in a cave. It got stuck because it can fly up but not down, which isn’t great in confined spaces.

Door Man

I can’t tell you if Door Man was born with a door as a face or if he head-butted one and got stuck with it. Either way, he’s pretty happy with his visage.

See you next week!

Drake 🙂

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