Hunting Birds for Conisbrough Castle

In recent months, I have had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer with English Heritage at Conisbrough Castle. This Norman tower, a hidden gem near Doncaster, sits at the top of a hill above the town of Conisbrough, somehow always managing to catch the sun. A few weeks ago, I tried to sketch it:

Consibrough Castle Sketch

For Easter weekend, the staff at the castle are putting on some activities for visiting families, including dressing up and tours of the keep – a chance to imagine what it was like to be a “Medieval”. In preparation for this, I’ve been asked to draw some birds of prey for colouring in.

Bird no. 1, Hawk –

Hawk Colouring

Bird no. 2, Falcon –

Falcon colouring

And, Bird no. 3 (my favourite, because it’s so fluffy, as well as being the name of the best character in the Windsinger book series), Kestrel –

Kestrel colouring

So, there you are, my colouring in birds of prey, especially for the magnificent Conisbrough Castle. Feel free to download and colour them in, I’d love to see your creations in the comments!

(Check out my instagram for the messy origins of these smoothly digitalised chirpers.)



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