Illustration for Lucy and Yak

Firstly, dungarees. I have been living in these wonderful garments for decades (since birth) and am strongly of the opinion that they are the most useful things I own. Comfy clothes with pockets for carrying around paintbrushes, notepads, and occasionally mice – who needs more? One day, my housemate, who is also a massive dungarees fan, told me about a wonderful bunch of people who make dungarees (and ONLY dungarees!): Lucy & Yak. Soon after, I was wearing the best pair of dungarees I have ever owned.

The magic of Lucy and Yak doesn’t stop there. They actively encourage creativity through their Instagram feed, posting not only snaps of their manifold happy customers, but also illustrations of and by these happy customers. I decided to do my own Lucy & Yak illustration, inspired by their wonderful clothing creation.

In the process, I discovered a style I really like, and which I feel communicates the essence of storytelling I have been striving towards. This is composed of ink (my faithful and always favourite medium), watercolour, and digital collage. In short, I have discovered mixed media. This, then, is what happens when great dungarees, a clunky old typewriter, and my ink-assisted imagination combine:lucy an dyak illustration ed

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


— Becca

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