Doodle 22.11.15

I have been living in Prague for nearly half a year now. These are some of my favourite views.

Prague doodles Karluvo most

No. 1. Charles Bridge.

Prague doodles Narodni Divadlo Bats

No.2. The bats flying over Narodni Divadlo at night.

Prague doodles View from Letna

No.3. The view of the Vltava River from the top of Letna.

Prague doodles Prasky Hrad

No.4. Prasky Hrad.

I hope you like them!

prague doodles big 001

Doodle 20.05.15

Once again, I have no ink drawings to post…

Except this!

poopy the unicorn

poopy the second

I continue to practice landscape doodling, filling my sketchbook with some of my favourite places in and around York. This means lots of days sat around the city, sketching in the sun (and the freezing wind). Here is what I have collected so far:

abbey ruins

abbey ruins leftabbey ruins right

rowntree park dovecote

view upriver from millennium bridge

I hope you like them, but since it looks like it might rain there are bound to be more ink doodles coming along!