Doodle 02.06.17

I have some concept art to show you, from a top secret project (not that top secret). These are the character sketches for a little book called The Academics, which will be taking shape over the next few months. Each of the characters is taken from the stock of medieval academia, and will feature in an adventure with fairies, ancient artefacts, and leaky ceilings. Take a look – let me know what you think!

— Drake

Sir Reenactor

Sir Beard

Sir Buff

Sir Cold

Sir Sleep and the Fairies

Doodle 08.07.16

Hello world of the interweb! 

Today, as I was looking through the mess in my wonderful shed, I found some old cartoons. I think it’s about time someone besides me laughed at them. So, as of about a year ago, here are my opinions of the York campus geese and their moonlight adventures…

The Frozen Lake

Gooseship Enterprise

Gooseship Enterprise

The Invasion of Clifford’s Tower

And next week there will be monsters 😜

Doodle 25.04.16 (The Girl in the Boat)

The next instalment of The Girl in the Boat 🙂

Suddenly, a strange boy stepped out from the shadows. “Hello,” he said. “What are you doing in my cave? Are you lost?”

He didnt usually find people in the cave. In fact, he had flown far and wide searching for people to talk to, but the girl was the first he had met.

He had seen her boat as it sailed towards the mountains, and he had watched her climb up to his cave. The boy was very curious, he had never met anyone with a boat before. The girl had never met anyone who could fly, either.

But the girl said she was leaving, she had many places to go to in her boat.

“In that case, I will come with you,” said the boy.

So the girl cast off once again, and the boy flew in the sky behind her.

Doodle 07.04.16

Some sketchbook pages about telling stories. I recently learned how to ask for black ink in the art shop…


Sketchbook pages, Arthur’s Seat