Doodle 23.07.15

view over bala lake

I’ve been out in the wild sketching scenery again! This is the view from the hill above Llyn Tegid, the lake in Bala, North Wales. I used goache, pastels, and watercolour, and a lot of slapdash painting.

view over bala lake uncropped

Doodle 13.05.15

There are no inky dinosaurs or cats today. I am practicing with the oil paints!

This is a picture my sister took of Llyn Cynwch.

Llyn Cynwch

And this is how I “doodled” it.


First, a sketchy viewfinder….


Then a watercolour wash…


This is a bit of watercolour, ink, pastel, and felt tip pen.


And finally I broke open the oils! This lake has been well and truly doodled upon.