Doodle 28.07.17

There have not been many doodles in July. This is probably due to the current troll-hunt of a situation (otherwise called a dissertation). However, sometimes things get still enough to paint. This is a view of a little by-way in York.


Doodle 23.06.17

En hann vaknar við þat, at skipit allt. Han stóð upp ok sá, at tröllkona tók í stafninn ok hristi skipit.

“When he awoke, the entire ship was shaking. He stood up and saw that a troll-woman had grabbed the prow and was shaking the ship.”

— from Ketils saga Hængs (the saga of Ketil Salmon), trans. Ben Waggoner

The Troll-woman

Doodle 16.06.17

Today I was looking through back-logs of doodles and I found some that I edited on the shitty scanner. Oh, how I miss that scanner! Here is an example of its magic:

I might have to launch a foray into the lands of the North West to rescue the scanner.