Doodle 28.07.17

There have not been many doodles in July. This is probably due to the current troll-hunt of a situation (otherwise called a dissertation). However, sometimes things get still enough to paint. This is a view of a little by-way in York.


Doodle 23.06.17

En hann vaknar við þat, at skipit allt. Han stóð upp ok sá, at tröllkona tók í stafninn ok hristi skipit.

“When he awoke, the entire ship was shaking. He stood up and saw that a troll-woman had grabbed the prow and was shaking the ship.”

— from Ketils saga Hængs (the saga of Ketil Salmon), trans. Ben Waggoner

The Troll-woman

Doodle 16.06.17

Today I was looking through back-logs of doodles and I found some that I edited on the shitty scanner. Oh, how I miss that scanner! Here is an example of its magic:

I might have to launch a foray into the lands of the North West to rescue the scanner.


Doodle 02.06.17

I have some concept art to show you, from a top secret project (not that top secret). These are the character sketches for a little book called The Academics, which will be taking shape over the next few months. Each of the characters is taken from the stock of medieval academia, and will feature in an adventure with fairies, ancient artefacts, and leaky ceilings. Take a look – let me know what you think!

— Drake

Sir Reenactor

Sir Beard

Sir Buff

Sir Cold

Sir Sleep and the Fairies