Doodle 16.06.17

Today I was looking through back-logs of doodles and I found some that I edited on the shitty scanner. Oh, how I miss that scanner! Here is an example of its magic:

I might have to launch a foray into the lands of the North West to rescue the scanner.


Doodle 03.02.17

Because dragons are good any day of the week… dragons and copious amounts of black India ink!

Dragon 03.92.17, India ink and one very grave little knight.

Doodle 14.02.16

For all my friends and family, close by and far away. Distance is a small thing.


It is Valentines Day on Earth.


Mouse wonders where Dragon is in space.


Dragon wonders what Mouse is doing on Earth.


Far out in Space, the aliens wonder why one planet looks so funny today.

Happy Valentines Day x