Doodle 23.09.16

Happy Friday 🙂

My arm is getting better, and can draw in short snatches before it starts to protest.

This week I’ve been trying something new. A little involuntary, due to my weak arminess, but these doodles are much less overworked than usual. Also note that the black and white photocopiness of these pictures is intentional, and is a prelude to a possible zine I’ll be working on. 

I’d love to know what you think! -Drake

“Troll Hitchhiker”, pen and ink, sketchbook

“Mr Grumpy”, pen and ink, sketchbook

“Mr Sleepy”, pen and ink, sketchbook

Doodle 09.09.16


This week I relocated to York. I left my shed, somehow managing to cram all art supplies into this tiny suitcase…

And now, instead of a shed, I have a tiny corner 😀

So, in honour of this newness, I have dedicated this post to a little piece of York. Here is my impression of York Minster:

See you next Friday 😜

Doodle 05.08.16

Good morning!

I can’t believe it’s August again already! This time last year I was, come to think of it, doing exactly what I have been doing for the past week or so: field sketching. That’s right – a little over exactly a year ago I caught a rickety old bus to the North East coast of England, toting a backpack of art supplies and cereal bars, with the sole intention of capturing nature at its best. And, funnily enough, a year later I took my art backpack on another little adventure, this time to the national park in Snowdonia, to paint me some mountains and seascapes. This time I did not go alone, but was accompanied by my mother, who waited patiently for me to commit these scenes to paper, often waiting for hours as we sat cramped up between a pile of boulders and waited for layers of paint to dry. I commend her patience in this endeavour, and would like to thank her on behalf of all the flora and fauna of Gwynedd who have been enriched by her conversation (as an alternative pair of listening ears to her otherwise-absorbed-in-sketching daughter).

What follows is taken directly from my field sketchbook and encompasses the rough sketches and water colours I made on my various walks around the stunning land of Gwynedd. I’d like to hope they capture some of the essence of the coastline and woods in a way photography often cannot. I’ll let you be the judge.

Barmouth Estuary, water colours and ink. After walking around Barmouth for a bit and soaking up the seaside air, I made my way across stepping stones and rockfaces to sit on a boulder for three hours trying to capture this vista of the Barmouth bridge.

A closer view of the sketch of Barmouth Bridge.

A closer view of Barmouth

The Bay at Borth y Gest, looking over to Harlech castle. Painted whilst snuggled into a crevice halfway up a cliff, using a rockpool for water supply.

Rocks and Seawater, pen and ink.

Harlech Castle in the distance, pen and ink.

A view of Llyn Tegid (Lake Bala) from the caravan porch. Watercolour and indian ink.

Llyn Cynwch, light study in charcoal and ink wash.

Llyn Cynwch, watercolour and ink. Painted whilst balanced on a rock in a field full of sheep, listening to the strange conversations of passing ramblers.

Until the next post!

Doodle 27.05.16

Good morning to you! You may have noticed: it is Friday. I have also noticed this. In fact, from now on I shall be posting new doodles on Fridays. This is in a concerted effort to put better doodles up for your perusal. Also, the drawings coming out of my head have been many and varied of late, so I am trying to group them in series which make more sense.

So, here is a group of drawings I have done this week, which I call The Renegade Brigade or Monster Mash.

The Renegade Brigade in the “studio” (aka very untidy little corner of a room).

This is a style you may recognise from Doodle 11.04.16. I call it the splodge and scratchy stick method, and I like it. You never know what creatures are going to emerge from the splodge until you start to use the scratchy stick!

The Really Scary Giant with Scared Inside

Feather Girl

The True Friends

The Lonely Dragon and the Tiny Mouse Man


The Thinker who could only Balance with the Aid of his Coat

Little Girl Lost

There you are. A week of doodles, all squished up together. I hope you like them.


Doodle 25.04.16 (The Girl in the Boat)

The next instalment of The Girl in the Boat 🙂

Suddenly, a strange boy stepped out from the shadows. “Hello,” he said. “What are you doing in my cave? Are you lost?”

He didnt usually find people in the cave. In fact, he had flown far and wide searching for people to talk to, but the girl was the first he had met.

He had seen her boat as it sailed towards the mountains, and he had watched her climb up to his cave. The boy was very curious, he had never met anyone with a boat before. The girl had never met anyone who could fly, either.

But the girl said she was leaving, she had many places to go to in her boat.

“In that case, I will come with you,” said the boy.

So the girl cast off once again, and the boy flew in the sky behind her.

Doodle 20.04.16

A back-of-the-sketchbook, teensy bit crazy doodle. I call it a Flobble.

The Flobble’s natural habitat is found amidst green water colour splodges. (Water colours, coffee, art pen.)