Doodle 23.09.16

Happy Friday 🙂

My arm is getting better, and can draw in short snatches before it starts to protest.

This week I’ve been trying something new. A little involuntary, due to my weak arminess, but these doodles are much less overworked than usual. Also note that the black and white photocopiness of these pictures is intentional, and is a prelude to a possible zine I’ll be working on. 

I’d love to know what you think! -Drake

“Troll Hitchhiker”, pen and ink, sketchbook

“Mr Grumpy”, pen and ink, sketchbook

“Mr Sleepy”, pen and ink, sketchbook

Doodle 16.05.16

Some more ideas for my little fairytale. I’ve been experimenting with all the ways to use black!

The Princess has become trapped beneath the earth with the trolls, and she is imagining a Prince who will come to her rescue…

Indian ink, coffee wash, fine point pen.

Water soluable marker, indian ink, coffee wash, fine point pen.

But the Troll sees that the Princess is unhappy, and is sad…

Coffee wash, indian ink, water soluable pen, water soluable pencil, scratchy stick.