Doodle 07.05.17

Another medieval monster from the realms of marginalia, based on Les grande heures de duc de Berry, Paris, 1409.

Obviously, there were cheerios in the fifteenth century.

Pen and ink, medieval monster, and a cheerio

Drake 🙂

Doodle 06.02.16

My weekend plans definitely involve some of this!


“The downward facing beached whale is one of the more advanced moves in living room carpet yoga.”


“Proven to relieve a wole load of built up tension, the upward facing beached whale is an essential pose for getting the most out of your workout.”


“The trick of this pose is to find a steady spot to focus on, so that you definitely know when you’ve given up and flopped on the floor.”


“The poses in living room carpet yoga.”

Do yoga and feel great with Drake’s Doodles! 😛