Doodle 28.94.17

Good morning, my chums!

Today’s doodle is a little bit horrifying. If you have been following my posts for a while, you’ll know that I am a little bit fascinated by monsters, and also by unusually monstrous creatures in medieval manuscripts, the most terrifying of which are snails, or rabbits riding snails. This week it was Alien Day and, following the hype, I went to see Alien on the big screen. Watching that illogically amusing plastic monster scurrying about a spaceship got me thinking about how modern monsters are just as funny as medieval monsters. Therefore, I present to you the ultimate battle of the beasts: Snail versus Alien. Who do you think would win in a fight?

Pen and ink, and madness.

Sleep well.


Doodle 03.03.17

Doodling is fun, and cathartic, and all kinds of wonderful. Doodling with friends is even better. I would like to dedicate this post to doodle buddies, and anyone who will sit for an hour to draw a tree in the park on a cold day.

My tree sketch. Indian ink, gesso,masking fluid, charcoal, et. al.

My doodle buddy’s tree sketch. Indian ink, gesso, graphite.

Many thanks to the crazy amazing Abi Bleach for drawing trees with me! 
Have a lovely day,


Doodle 16.09.16

Hello again! A week ago I broke my arm. Unfortunately, it is my right arm, and I am right handed. Fortunately, I also have a left arm, and a left hand. So, this week I have been training my left hand to draw.

Here is the very first thing I ever drew with my left hand:

Left Hand: the birth

As you can see, at first Left Hand did not display any obvious signs of artistic ability. However, we persevered, and now I am happy to introduce you to my artistic alter ego, Left. 

Here you can see works by Right and a copy by Left. Their styles differ somewhat.

Lost Girl (right hand)

Lost Girl (left hand)

Old Man Bob (right hand)

Old Man Bob (left hand)

Right is slowly recovering, but Left might be taking over the blog for a few weeks. In the meantime, let me know what you think: how does my left hand compare?

Doodle 02.09.16

Look! A monster!

Yes, there are monsters here. In fact, here is the entire monster…

Welcome to a scene from The Princess and the Troll. Clearly, the princess is using a giant hand monster sea creature thing to dislodge an oversized star from the sky (or is it the sea?) I had a lot of fun painting this, mostly because it involved a lot of paint splattering and peeling off masking fluid (think how fun peeling PVA glue off the back of your hand used to be and double it).

And here is the concept sketch in lots of lovely black ink!

So, there is proof that princesses, trolls, and odd-looking monster are still in the mix.

And, if you haven’t already seen it, check out this wonderful post by my mate Buttons, about balloons: Buttons and the balloons.

Doodle 15.07.16

Hello and I hope your Friday was amazing! As promised, today there are monsters on Drake’s Doodles. Well, maybe not monsters of the scary roary type, but creatures from strange places anyway. 

Lost Girl

You might recognise this girl from here. She was raised by trolls and wears a trollish disguise.

The Explorer

This little explorer has escaped her treehouse city and is seeing the big old world for the first time.


Unfortunately for this troll, it is stuck in a cave. It got stuck because it can fly up but not down, which isn’t great in confined spaces.

Door Man

I can’t tell you if Door Man was born with a door as a face or if he head-butted one and got stuck with it. Either way, he’s pretty happy with his visage.

See you next week!

Drake 🙂

Doodle 16.05.16

Some more ideas for my little fairytale. I’ve been experimenting with all the ways to use black!

The Princess has become trapped beneath the earth with the trolls, and she is imagining a Prince who will come to her rescue…

Indian ink, coffee wash, fine point pen.

Water soluable marker, indian ink, coffee wash, fine point pen.

But the Troll sees that the Princess is unhappy, and is sad…

Coffee wash, indian ink, water soluable pen, water soluable pencil, scratchy stick.