Doodle 27.05.16

Good morning to you! You may have noticed: it is Friday. I have also noticed this. In fact, from now on I shall be posting new doodles on Fridays. This is in a concerted effort to put better doodles up for your perusal. Also, the drawings coming out of my head have been many and varied of late, so I am trying to group them in series which make more sense.

So, here is a group of drawings I have done this week, which I call The Renegade Brigade or Monster Mash.

The Renegade Brigade in the “studio” (aka very untidy little corner of a room).

This is a style you may recognise from Doodle 11.04.16. I call it the splodge and scratchy stick method, and I like it. You never know what creatures are going to emerge from the splodge until you start to use the scratchy stick!

The Really Scary Giant with Scared Inside

Feather Girl

The True Friends

The Lonely Dragon and the Tiny Mouse Man


The Thinker who could only Balance with the Aid of his Coat

Little Girl Lost

There you are. A week of doodles, all squished up together. I hope you like them.