Doodle 06.01.17

Hello 2017!


Star Boy. Indian ink, wash and pen, and low resolution black and white scanning.

I begin this year where I left off (remember the last post of 2016?). It is the same picture, but the light has changed.

The beginning of this year is black and white. There are two reasons for this.

Reason no.1: In an age where digital art has become super popular, I feel it is important to embrace the role machines play in how we view art. Even though I like to draw on paper with pens I have to put my doodles through a camera lens or a scanner to get them online, and what you see on your computer screen is not the same as what I see in the daylight on my kitchen table. Shortly put, you will never be able to see the same doodle that I do, and I am not going to pretend that you are. The low resolution scanner I use to digitise my doodles changes the pictures, and I like how they go fuzzy and blurry and the off-kilter contrast. The cheap little scanner is my partner in artistic crime.

Reason no.2: Whilst at my parents’ house for the Christmas period I am banned from using liquid inks in the house. Usually this would mean painting in the garden shed, but it has been requisitioned as my father’s personal brewery. As I cannot paint, my only other option is mess-free felt tip pens. Hence the mono-tone.

Aaand, I feel like we have grown closer through this heart felt sharing of artistic thought.

Look out for another doodle next Friday…

Drake x

Doodle 02.09.16

Look! A monster!

Yes, there are monsters here. In fact, here is the entire monster…

Welcome to a scene from The Princess and the Troll. Clearly, the princess is using a giant hand monster sea creature thing to dislodge an oversized star from the sky (or is it the sea?) I had a lot of fun painting this, mostly because it involved a lot of paint splattering and peeling off masking fluid (think how fun peeling PVA glue off the back of your hand used to be and double it).

And here is the concept sketch in lots of lovely black ink!

So, there is proof that princesses, trolls, and odd-looking monster are still in the mix.

And, if you haven’t already seen it, check out this wonderful post by my mate Buttons, about balloons: Buttons and the balloons.

Doodle 01.07.16

Today is a lovely day for me. I am going to see my sister for the first time since Christmas. 

Since she asked me to draw her some Star Wars stuff, that is the theme of this post. Here you can see it from conception to paint splodge finish…

R2D2 pencil

C3PO ink

C3PO gets in a pickle

(I always thought C3PO had his best moments of comedic genius when he was missing a limb or two.)


Because these two have all the love 🙂
And on another celebratory note, I am back in my shed!

See you next week!


Doodle 12.04.16


Here is a house out in space. I’d quite like to live there, although I imagine it could get a bit cold. At the top of that tower, it would be really good for stargazing. It’s curious how the effect of a starry sky can be achieved by loading a brush with paint and flicking it imprecisely in the general direction of the page. It makes me wonder, if we can only recreate what we have seen before, whether this is how the actual stars were put there. Were they just splodged across space?