Doodle 10.06.16

Father’s Day…

(Apparently, it is not Father’s Day tomorrow in the UK, it’s next weekend. Therefore happy Early Father’s Day, Kenneth!)

Happy Friday, once again. This week’s post is for Father’s Day (which I think is this weekend!). 

When I was little we used to go on holiday on a canal boat called The Odyssey. Lots of adventures happened aboard this boat, and in the woods on the canal bank, and I have been remembering them this week. The following series of drawings and sketches are based on my memories of one particular time aboard The Odyssey when my Dad gave us each a matchbox and told us to fill it with as many interesting things as we could find lying around. The pictures are of my sister and I as we went in search of treasure along the canal bank.

This week’s studio, which has moved into the living room to escape the mess of packing. All credit for the arm goes to Hodel Herlihy.

The captain of The Odyssey was always my dad. That makes the captain’s daughter my sister. And the Boson’s boy belonged to whichever family was with us on the boat. He is an amalgamation of all our various friends aboard ship.

The Boson’s Boy.

The Captain’s Daughter

The Boson’s boy and the Caotain’s daughter find treasure in the hedgerow!

Going into the woods to look for treasure.

Whilst my sister was off adventuring, I was off looking for fairies…

Little Sister sketch

Little Sister sits in the woods and talks to the fairies.

Thinking aboard the Odyssey…

Seeing faces in the trees.

And down there on the bank are my parents, just between those trees at the bottom. Although they’re not in the foreground of this adventure, they were always waiting back at the boat, usually with dinner waiting. Hats off to the Captain and Quartermaster, and Happy Father’s Day!